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Ten Items Every Man Should Have In His Closet
There are certain things every man should have on hand just in case...

In case of what you ask? In the event of a last-minute meeting, you must attend, in the unfortunate case of a death in the family, in the event of a network meeting, in case of a job interview, in case of a new hot date. I could go on and on, but I think you get the point.

Be prepared for life is my best way of saying it. Yeah jeans and cool and comfortable but you can't wear them everywhere. Here are ten items every man must have in his closet.

1. A Good Tie
If you're still shopping for your ties at Wal-Mart then man you have issues. That George brand tie you just paid $6.00 for stands out like a sore thumb. Life is too short to wear cheap ties. If you don't wear a tie every day for work, then go out and buy one good tie. If you are required to wear a tie to the office, then you should have at the minimum ten good ties. A good necktie will run you anywhere from $35.00 up to 450.00 dollars. Some brands to look at are Tommy Hilfiger, Michael Kors, Jones New York and Geoffrey Bean. If you want to impress try a Hermes, Brooks Brothers or Bugatti.

2. A Good Sports Jacket
No, I'm not referring to your Boston Celtics team jacket. I'm referring to a jacket you can throw on with a shirt and tie and look respectable. It's important to understand that a sports jacket does not take the place of a suit. It sickens me to see guys attending weddings wearing a sports jacket. Sports jackets are fine for networking events, business casual days, brunch or dinner with friends. Have at least two on hand, one black and one navy blue would be fine. If you want to take it a step further and add a third one go with a light color for the warmer months.

3. A Good Wallet
Trust me when I tell you that you look like a nerd when you pull out your old velcro wallet in front of people. Invest in a good designer wallet; it's the details that make you shine. Put yourself in this scenario. You are out on a hot date, a woman who is clearly out of your league. You just enjoyed a great meal, and you hit off great. The check arrives, and you pull out your wallet and then SCRUNCH that horrible ripping velcro sound. There is no chance for a second date. Drop about $100 and get yourself a nice Michael Kors and Coach wallet. Trust me you'll feel much better about yourself.

4. A Nice Wristwatch
Who wears a watch today, you might be asking yourself if you are under the age of 35. You might be thinking that the smartphone has made the wristwatch obsolete. Not the case, in fact in a business meeting there are two visible things you will be judged on providing you're properly groomed. Your shoes and your wristwatch. Trust me I get it; I wear an Apple watch as my everyday watch. However, if I find myself attending an important business meeting, I wear a designer watch. You don't have to wear a Rolex to look respectable. A nice Invicta will do the job just fine.

5. Shoes
Ok, I'll admit it I'm a bit of a shoe whore myself. If I find a shoe, I like I'll buy them in every color and material. I think I own every pair of Cole Haan's they make. It's nice to have a good pair of shoes, and you don't have to break the bank to get them. Yeah, a nice pair of Mezlans will set you back $450.00. But you can pull it off with a nice pair of Johnston & Murphy's for a $150. Shoe's make the man, you can throw on a nice Polo and pair of Hudson jeans with sneakers or take it to the next level by sporting a nice pair of Salvatore Ferragamo loafers.

6. A Tie Clip
Attention to detail is everything, and there is something to be said about slipping a tie clip over your boring old tie. A nice tie clip can make a $27.00 Nautica tie look like a $100 tie all day long. Trust me when I tell you people see the little details.

7. Socks
The first thing I look at when someone comes in for a job interview is their shoes and socks. It defines everything about them in my eyes. Too often I see cheap shoes and worse yet, white socks with black shoes and pants. Nothing screams I have no attention to detail when I see that. You lost the opportunity to work with me. Picky you might say, but I'm here to tell you that many hiring managers and owners think that way. I use to think why waste money on socks no one ever sees them. Truth is everyone sees them. When you sit or fold your legs your socks are on display for the world to see. You socks define your personality. Look at your sock drawer tonight, if it's filled with white knee-high sweat socks and one pair of brown polyester dress socks, then it's a good chance you are not getting some tail this weekend.

8. Cufflinks
If you are looking to take it to another level then adding a pair of cufflinks will up your game all day long. I'm talking about taking a $15.00 shirt and making it look like a $150.00 shirt. Cufflinks add a level of class to your look that will just make you pop.

9. A Belt
You know that black belt you own with your name carved into the leather on the back? Throw it out today! Even worse than that is that black leather belt where you had to make a new whole with your scissors. Nothing says I'm a loser more than a cheap old belt. Have a little class. You can grab a nice simple Michael Kors belt for under $50.00. If you want to grab attention why not spend some money on nice Hermes belt. That classic buckle lets everyone know you area class act.

10. A Pocket Square
Yeah, it's a handkerchief, but you don't use it to blow your nose. It's kind of like the towels your mom puts in the bathroom and yells at you when you dry your hands with it. The pocket square it the bow on the gift. It's that final touch that makes your look perfect. It takes that black sport coat to a whole new level.

These are ten simple things you must have to take your look up to another level, and it's nothing out of anyone's reach. You could spend very little and upgrade your look or spend thousands of dollars it all depends on your needs. But it is essential that you have each one of these items.

It could be the difference between getting that job or not or picking up the hotty at the bar or going home alone.

It's the details that make the difference.


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